Lead management of an international consortium preparing the background reports for the annual European Competitiveness Reports (DG Enterprise). The topics are heterogenous but jointly focus on the determinants and trends of competitive performance in European industries.

Corporate Demography

The entry, survival, and growth of new firms drives the continuous regeneration of an economy's technological, managerial and entrepreneurial resources. My focus is on the interdependence between characteristics of the market environment and a firm population's life events, i.e. the linkages between the meso and micro levels of economic development.

Venture Capital

My current interest is in the impact of venture capital on firm performance by applying propensity score matching on Austrian micro-data. Controlling for differences in industry, location, legal status, size, age, credit rating, export and innovation behaviour, the findings assert the financing function of venture capital, identify a positive selection effect, and confirm a genuine causal impact on firm growth, yet not on innovation output

Productivity Analysis

Co-ordination of the Austrian contribution to the EU KLEMS consortium , where WIFO was responsible for developing the productivity mesures for Austria and do research in the area of productivity, technology, and labour markets. EU KLEMS was funded under the 6th Framework Programme and lead by the Groningen Growth and Development Center (GGDC) under the direction of Bart van Ark.